Things you need to know about Marquis Hot Tubs

It can get overwhelming when purchasing a hot tub for the first time. As a consumer, you don’t tend to know the specifics about a hot tub so you trust us to give you all the correct information needed when we give our sales pitch. Most of the time, if not all the time, because we get so caught up in the moment we forget to mention things that are important for you, as the consumer to know. Below are the things you will need to know before buying a Marquis hot tub – or even after you buy!

The Interior Surface - This is probably the very first thing you will look at when you are searching around for hot tubs. The interior options in a Marquis Spas® hot tub includes; a multiple array of colours, built-in cup holders, multiple seating heights and arrangements, headrests, and a textured footwell.

The Controls and Auxiliary - The worst thing is when you get into the hot tub and forget to turn the jets on and then you must get out of the hot water to see the control panel. With Marquis® hot tubs, they place the control panels angling in to the tub instead of away from it, so you can change the settings while you’re relaxing and enjoying the therapy.

Jets - When it comes to jets in a hot tub, it’s not about how many jets there are, it’s about how they work that provides the best results. Marquis high-flow, low-pressure jetting system achieves the best hydrotherapy for you and your muscles. The jets in a Marquis Spas® hot tub provide a deep tissue massage with the pressure needed, without blasting the bather out of the tub.

Mood-setters - Each series comes standard with water features and lighting, with a stereo as an option. The Signature and E-series lighting can be upgraded to give a more tranquil feel with a soothing sound and visual appeal.

Health Benefits - The therapeutic benefits the spa owners enjoy are vast. Marquis hot tubs can bring your health into focus whether it be for physical or emotional stress relief, alleviating muscle pain, or even for relief of arthritis pain. With this being said, we suggest that you speak to a medical professional before beginning any new health regimen. Who knows, maybe a Marquis hot tub is just what the Doctor will order.

Hydrotherapy - The smooth but firm massage you receive from a Marquis jet manages a balance between therapy and the way the jets feel on your body – the high-flow, low-pressure jetting systems achieves this. The jets drive deep into your muscles without blasting you out of your seat, bringing you relief without the itchy feeling after a while with the jets on high.

Accessories - Marquis has beat them all when it comes to the exterior look. Each model can be customized with environments to suit your style. On some of the Marquis tubs you can even add a separate pump to help with the symptoms of skin problems – MicroSilk shows you the results.

Energy Efficient Cover - Marquis uses a high quality DuraCover to keep the heat where it belongs – inside the tub. Without a hot tub cover, the heat from the water will escape, making the heater turn on more frequently, then increasing your hydro bill. The DuraCover is insulated with the finest 2-pound density foam, thus being the best cover on the market. The 2-pound density keeps the moisture inside the hot tub.

Marquis hot tubs are not just for therapeutic use but also just for every day relaxation. There are 6 series of the Marquis brand that we carry; the Signature Series which is targeted more towards therapy, the E-series which is more for relaxation and recreational use, the Vector21 series which was created for someone who wants a more futuristic look, the Celebrity series for someone who is on a tight budget and the ATV series for someone who wants to swim all-year-round! Click one of the below series to find out more.

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