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Quality, second to none

We only carry high quality swimming pool chemicals, parts and equipment, it will make a difference if you purchase these from box stores instead of a pool retailer. Whether it be; a new method or an updated pump that will save you money, when it comes to your pools’ chemicals and equipment, quality is second to none.

Visit our store

Our in-store swimming pool specialists, will advise you on the safe and appropriate actions for maintaining your pool, all season long. Our staff takes pride in our fully-stocked inventory - most common parts are always in stock. For the not-so-common parts, we have a deal with our suppliers, where we can pick up parts the next day. Visit only one store for all your pool needs.

Reliable technicians

With the latest in technology, each service vehicle is equipped with an interactive GPS tracking device, that allows us to improve our efficiency. We are very proud and dedicated to our service and will continue to show you, that we are worth it.

Here is a list of swimming pool services we provide:

Services that make us unique

  • Leak detection and repair
  • Flood grouting - the no dig solution to your leaks. Call to see if it’s right for you.
  • Fiberglass stair refinishing - refresh damaged stairs or simply change the colour
  • Complete fiberglass pool resurfacing - 3-part system gelcoat (brings the shine back to your pool)
  • Energy audits - see how much money you can save by switching to new equipment
  • Complete pool automation - do everything from your phone!

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Call (905)-836-0166 or Toll Free 1-(855)-905-POOL (7665), you know you want to.
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