12+ Years of Service – Pool, Hot Tub, Fireplace

"My pump is making noise and I don’t know what to do?! HELP!"

"My hot tub stopped heating up and it’s -17C out, what do I do?!"

"I want to clean my fireplace but don’t know how to remove the door, can you help?"

If you have ever uttered any of the above statements, then you need to set up a service call! When it comes to pools, hot tubs and even fireplaces, you want to make sure you’re receiving the best service you can find!

With over 12 years of servicing the entire Greater Toronto Area, our team is continuously on the road providing our customers with everything from pool or hot tub water testing to leak detection and repair. With highly trained, detail oriented staff you will receive professional services at reasonable prices. We want to take the hard work out of owning and maintaining your pool or hot tub so that you can spend more time enjoying and less time worrying.

Our maintenance crew and service technicians work year-round, even in the snow! We don’t back down when it’s a little cold out because what will happen if your hot tub freezes throughout the winter? Who’s going to fix it? We will! We have the man power, skills and determination to make things work again!

Shop AquaPRO Pools & Hot Tubs for all things sales and service! We specialize in satisfied customers with a wide variety of services to provide. As well as a variety of repair parts and equipment, and modern accessories to turn your boring tub into a comfortable place away from the realities of life.

Look below to find the service that’s right for you. If you don’t see what you are looking for; call

(905) 836-0166 or Toll-Free: 1 (855) 905-POOL (7665)

today and get all your questions answered! We do everything in our power to get things done right the first time.

Swimming Pool, Hot Tub or Spa, and even Fireplace Services Provided

Basic Maintenance

  • FREE in-store water tests for retail customers
  • Weekly maintenance for Pools, Hot Tubs or Spas
  • Bi-weekly maintenance for Pools, Hot Tubs or Spas
  • Monthly maintenance for Pools, Hot Tubs or Spas
  • On-site water testing and balancing
  • Pool, Hot Tub or Spa 101; a step-by-step ‘How-To

Pool Extras

  • Aboveground, inground, semi-inground Pool Open
  • Aboveground, inground, semi-inground Pool Close
  • Fiberglass swimming pool installation
  • Fiberglass swimming pool repairs, rebuilds and refinishing
  • Vinyl liner swimming pool installs, repairs, rebuilds and service
  • Gunite concrete swimming pool installs, repairs, rebuilds and service
  • Pump diagnosis and repair, rebuild, replacements and service
  • Heater diagnosis and repair, rebuild, replacements and service
  • Filter diagnosis and repair, rebuild, replacements and service
  • Electrical troubleshooting, repairs, rebuilds and service
  • Energy audits for swimming pools
  • Construction and Landscaping
  • Gas heater start-ups, installs and service
  • Salt/Chlorine generator diagnostics, cleaning, repairs and replacements
  • Swimming pool automation diagnostics, repairs and replacements
  • Leak Detection – Guaranteed that if the leakilizer equipment says there is a leak and our experienced leak detection technicians cannot find the leak within 2 hours, you have the decision to exercise the ‘No Leak, No payment’ agreement, OR you have the decision for us to continue diagnosing at a discussed rate
  • Pool Renovations give your pool the facelift it needs. Anything from replacing the coping, tile or liner, or patching a big crack in the fiberglass shell, we can do repairs like no other
  • Safety Covers for Pools to keep children and animals safe over the Winter season. Easily installed and can be removed in minutes
  • Vinyl covers for Pools. Uses water bags to secure around the pools perimeter
  • Additional Pool lighting to light up your night life. Creates a safer environment for when you have that night time pool party
  • And much more, just call and ask!

Hot Tub or Spa Extras

  • Service any brand or model all year round. Some of the brands we service are; Marquis Spas, Jacuzzi, Beachcomber Hot Tubs, Sundance Spas, Hydropool Hot tubs, Hot Spring, Coast Spas, Cal Spas, Dimension One hot tubs, Master Spas, Hot Spring, Coleman Spas, Sunrise, Spas, Arctic Spas and many more!
  • Existing hot tub or spa moves to your desired location
  • Error code diagnostics and repairs
  • Pump diagnostics, repairs, rebuilds, service and replacements
  • Spa pack diagnostics, repairs, rebuilds, service and replacements
  • Heater diagnostics, repairs, rebuilds, service and replacements
  • Circuit board diagnostics, repairs, rebuilds, service and replacements
  • Complete Hot Tub or Spa drain and fill
  • Custom measured and made hot tub or spa replacement covers
  • Leak detection diagnostics and repairs
  • Large variety of Hot Tub or Spa cover lifters
  • Water care products including; Aqua Finesse, Spa Solutions (Spa Marvel), Natural Chemistry, PoolBoss and SpaBoss
  • Insurance claim assets. We repair what’s needed to fix your broken hot tub from that nasty snow or wind storm.
  • And much more, just call and ask!
Pool Services
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Hot Tub Services
Including Maintenance Services, Custom Replacement Hot Tub Covers and Open/Close Services...

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