Looploc Winter Safety Covers
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Loop-loc safety covers have been around since 1978. The founder, Bill Donation, wanted to create a pool cover to allow for water to flow through instead of collect at the top. Bill noticed that animals were drowning in the waterlogged solid vinyl covers so he got to work and invented the first mesh safety swimming pool cover.

Loop-loc has safety covers for just about anyone and any pool. The elephant you see in the photo – that’s a real shot; the elephant actually stood on top of the cover! Can you believe that an elephant can actually stand on the top of the cover? It is incredible how strong these covers are; no need to worry about animals or even your children falling in!

Pools Aurora - Loop Loc 1


  • Product Safety;
    • Built super-strong using the highest quality materials and workmanship
    • Manufactured of ultra-strong, super dense mesh that blocks virtually all sunlight but still let’s rain and melting snow easily drain through
    • Unique cable-loc that closes the dangerous gaps created where raised obstructions meet the covers edge
  • Product Features:
    • Colour options
    • Mesh density options
    • Custom sizes
  • Warranty;
    • 15-year pro-rated warranty on safety covers

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