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    Our estimates are free, professional and fair. Most estimates require a site visit.

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    Hot Tub Closing Service

    Closings: Protect Your Hot Tub in Winter

    When the summer season ends, winterizing the hot tub if it is not going to be in use in the winter is a necessity. A properly closed hot tub helps ensure a stress-free opening next season.

    spa cover

    Closing Package $325.00


    • Turn GFCI off
    • Drain water out of the tub
    • Remove cartridge filters and give a quick rinse
    • Unscrew all fittings to allow drainage and removal of equipment
    • Blow out pipes to remove any water in the lines
    • Using a shop vac, remove any excess water from the seats and floor well
    • Wipe down the shell to remove chemical residue
    • Add antifreeze in to the lines and equipment – to prevent freezing of any left-over water
    • Close the cover and secure it
    • Put winter cover cap over hot tub cover (when applicable)


    • Inform the store staff at the time of booking, where to store your equipment
    • Ensure we have access to the backyard at the time of arrival. There shouldn’t be any animals when we arrive – we don’t want them getting out!
      • We are happy to accommodate specific access requirements. Please, just tell us at the time of your booking.
    • Ensure there is a power outlet we can access, close to the tub.
    • Add Spa Purge 24 hours prior to your booked service appointment


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      Our estimates are free, professional and fair. Most estimates require a site visit.

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