Pipepoxy Leak Repair

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    Pipepoxy Pool Repair Newmarket Barrie

    Pipepoxy Leak Repair

    The No-Evidence Leak Repair

    Pipepoxy is a 3-step, fast curing product that is used for small and large leaks in your plumbing. It can even repair complete separations – this is normally a very large repair and leaves a mess with an obvious sign of repair. Pipepoxy can access smaller pipes with a diameter of 1″-2.5″ and coat the plumbing with an epoxy to seal the cracks. The epoxy is inserted into the line and then ‘brushed’ against the pipe walls to essentially push the epoxy into the crack to form the seal. The entire process is much less invasive and time consuming than other leak detection methods. There’s no need to dig up your backyard, lift interlocking stones, or remove any decks – there’s absolutely no evidence of repair! 

    How does this work?

    Step 1: Find the problem. First things first, detect and confirm where the leak is located. This can be done either by a pressure test, hydrophones, or the Hand Held Video Pro Camera.

    Step 2: Purge the line. With a blower or a vacuum blow out the line to remove all water.

    Step 3: Sand the pipe walls. To get the pipe ready for the epoxy, sanding of the walls must be done. This creates a rough surface for the epoxy to adhere to.

    Step 4: Clear out the debris. Using a vacuum or blower, blow out the lines one more time to remove any debris left from sanding.

    Step 5: Pour the epoxy in the line. Determine the amount needed and pour it right into the line needing to be repaired.

    Step 6: Coat/Brush the product on the pipe walls and let dry. Using a brush, the product is coated along the pipe pushing the epoxy into any cracks, holes, or separations. (The brush is capable of passing multiple 90 degree corners.) After the application is complete, a dryer is set up for 4 hours to set the epoxy.

    Step 7: Confirm the success of the application. An air-only pressure test is performed to confirm that the application was successful.

    The entire process will typically require 3 service calls; one to detect the leak and purge the lines, one to perform the application, and one to confirm that it was successful.

    The pool is now ready to return to its regular operating schedule.

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      Our estimates are free, professional and fair. Most estimates require a site visit.

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