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    Thursday Pools Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Newmarket Ontario

    Thursday Pools

    Fiberglass Inground Pool Designs

    Why Buy Thursday Fiberglass Pools?

    First, why fiberglass? They require less maintenance than other options and fewer chemicals are required to maintain safe water conditions. Fiberglass pools are also long-lasting and don’t degrade or need replastering. They’re very durable while still being gentle and they’re also pet-friendly!


    Pool Types Comparison











    Now, why Thursday Pools? They are the only ISO 9001 certified manufacturer in the fiberglass pool industry. They are also ISO 14001 certified. Meaning they are committed to environmental stewardship as they are to quality. Thursday Pools is constantly reviewing and improving on their environmental impact, proactively reducing their environmental footprint.

    Quality innovation is the key reason for our confidence in their product. Thursday Pools fiberglass is composed of 9 layers of strength. You may have thought they were created by simply pouring liquid into a mold. In fact, there are 9 well-thought-out layers of complete strength. To see how these pools are made, check out the video below.


    Composite Pools Layers











    Now that you know how the pool walls are formed, it’s time to learn about another really cool innovation called the Geo-Anchoring Pool System. This may seem like a pool accessory at first, however, it’s far more than that. It’s only available from Thursday Pools and is a solid investment when installing your new fiberglass pool. This system anchors your pool to the earth and can prevent moving or bulging of the walls. If you would like to learn more about how this product performs, watch the short clip below.


    There are plenty of other innovations made by Thursday Pools, however, this may be our favourite thus far. The Backfill Eliminator may be the smartest investment a homeowner can make when installing their new swimming pool that consists of a built-in tanning ledge. With the Backfill Eliminator you receive proper support and it also allows for sturdy and level installation. Prior to the innovation of the Backfill Eliminator, achieving proper support for built-in tanning ledges was a major challenge for installers and mainly resulted in the backfill shifting and settling, creating a void below the ledge. This is a major concern as it can cause wear and tear and potentially fail under use. To see this in action, watch the video below.



    If you would like to learn more about Thursday Pools’ story, check out the video below.


    *Thursday Pools Styles Available in our AquaPRO Main Location in Newmarket, Ontario

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      Our estimates are free, professional and fair. Most estimates require a site visit.