Goliath Thursday Pools | Fiberglass Pool

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Fiberglass Pool

Thursday Pools Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Newmarket Ontario

The Goliath is perfect for doing laps and staying in shape. Stairs and seating ledges are strategically placed, to create an open swim lane right down the center of the pool.

Two sets of curved entry steps grace the pool’s shallow end, alongside convivial bench seats. There’s lots of room to sit back and socialize.

Swim-out ledges are great in spots like these. Without taking up a lot of surface area, they let swimmers ease into the deep water, and provide safe places to rest.

Every part of the pool – floor, stairs and benches – is finished with an exclusive gel coat surface texture. It’s non-skid, so swimmers of all ages can get in and out of the pool safely. Plus it’s easy on bare feet, pets’ paws, and swimsuits!

Goliath Thursday Pools Deep Inground Swimming Newmarket Ontario