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Grace Beach Entry Thursday Pools Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Newmarket Ontario


True Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool Only from Thursday Pools!

The Grace Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool gives you the real feel of the beach and the simple elegance of a rectangular pool design. You’ll enjoy a gently sloping entry into the water and a stunning social centerpiece for entertaining. Only Thursday Pools offers a true beach entry fiberglass pool.

The zero-entry transition brings the shore to your door. Want to tan without sitting in the water? The gentle slope itself makes a great tanning area. Or, two ledge loungers fit nicely in the beach entry area while providing swimmers plenty of room to enter and exit the pool.

Step a little further into the beach entry and you’ve got a wading area to cool off in. Plus, it can double as a play area for smaller children.

The steps’ non-skid surface provides sure footing as you exit and enter the pool. A young child who is 4’5” in height will find the water comes just up to the neckline when standing at the bottom of the steps.

The extended bench provides a nice area where you can relax and take a break from your water exercise routine, or enjoy conversation with some friends.


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