Lil Bob LX Thursday Pools | Fiberglass Pool

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Fiberglass Pool


Invite more friends. Your pool just got bigger!

Take the ultimate recreation pool, add luxurious lounging space, and you’ve got Lil Bob LX! We’ve extended the length of our popular Lil Bob inground design to include a tanning ledge and wading area with integrated bench seating. The added “shallow end” provides ample space to entertain your littlest ones, while the big kids get a workout in the game-ready, open swim area. With Lil Bob LX, everyone will have their favorite place in the pool.

Tanning ledge.

One of the most popular features of inground pools, Lil Bob LX’s tanning ledge easily accommodates two Ledge Lounger® chaises. Even with two loungers on the ledge, swimmers have plenty of room to enter and exit the pool. The ledge is 12 inches deep, so if a 5’ 6” person is sitting on the tanning ledge, the water will come up mid-shin and just below the waist.

With a Lil Bob LX fiberglass pool, you’ll stay cool in the hot summer sun and have plenty of room for friends or family to join you. Just past the tanning ledge is a wading area, where parents can watch younger kids learn to love the water.

Generous wrap-around benches make room for family and friends to enjoy hours of relaxed conversation. The water will hit a 5’ 6” person just above the waist.

The kids have plenty of room to float around, enjoy a game of water volleyball or basketball, or even swim laps down the center of the pool.

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