Lil Bob Thursday Pools | Fiberglass Pool

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Fiberglass Pool

Lil Bob Thursday Pools Fiberglass Inground Swimming Pool Newmarket Ontario

Lil, Bob… Always a good sport

This guy’s so much fun to be around. A standing-depth, flat bottom design makes Lil Bob the ideal pool for water volleyball, ring toss, diving for treasure, or just floating the day away. Imagine hours of fun with the kids:

Guests of all ages can enter and exit the pool via full-length steps. We’ve even built in nice long benches for plenty of court-side seating. Let the games begin!

In case you wondered, Lil Bob is the ideal size for regulation water volleyball. (Net not included.)

Note the details that make Lil Bob so easy to love.

Two facing benches, each 12 feet long and 18 inches deep. That’s about 14 inches deep from seat to water level, depending on how much water is in the pool. The beauty of a Lil Bob backyard pool is having a place to sit, cool off, and chat with family and friends. Like the rest of the pool surface, these benches are finished with a textured non-skid surface that’s easy on skin and swimsuits while it eliminates slipping and sliding.

Full-length entry steps.

Ergonomic steps make it easy for everyone to enter and exit the pool.



Lil Bob Thursday Pools Deep Inground Swimming Newmarket Ontario